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Train With Our Top 3 Handgun Calibers In One Kit!


The SureStrike™ Premium Plus Kit combines our top 3 requested handgun calibers in one compact package.  This kit will allow you to used laser-based dry fire training to practice with your favorite handguns that are chambered in 9mm, 45ACP, or 40S&W.  Quick and easy to install, simply follow the directions in the included user guide.  A built-in "snap cap" device protects your firing pin, so no additional equipment is needed.  Grab your gun and you're ready to train!  Great to use with the LaserPET I or II, i-MTTS targets, and Smokeless Range® shooting simulator. 


The SureStrikeTM Premium Plus Kit includes:

  • 9mm SureStrikeTM laser cartridge
  • 40 SW adapter
  • 45ACP adapter
  • Short safety pipe and nut
  • Extension pipe
  • 6 reflective targets
  • Camouflage carrying case
  • Battery pack
  • User Guide


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